In a hotel room

There was a moment in March
When suddenly all memories came out
We saw each other like we’ve been apart
and we didn’t feel like doing any stuff

“Kids are all right”, you said
“and we’re tired of chasing”
“we’re not worried of everything but now we’re hiding”
“for a moment please, don’t say anything”
“we’re off for looking, just take sometime off of facing”
“This linen bed we’re embracing, wouldn’t say anything”
“it would say nothing”

It was in the middle of March
a quite place on earth suddenly came out
with a wide window where the sun light spread out
with a perfect blanket and all paints were white
“Kids are alright, you said”
“but how about us?”

Bandar Lampung, March, 2018

— Shofia Ishar

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