About me

Call me Shofia, Iam an Architecture Academics/Wife and Mom/Amateur Poet/Movie Addict with a passion in writing

My daily activities are lecturing and raising children. I lecture some subjects in the university. One of them is Kritik Arsitektur (Architecture Critics). That’s why I am too critical and analytical over everything

My Writing Journey

I am obsessed with words. For me, words are powerful, it can make people either love or hate you.

My writings here are about everything related to my experiences and interests : scholarship, education, poetry, thoughts, essay, architecture, movies, parenting, beauty, relationship, books, etc. There’s nothing particular cause i like to observe many things. My interest on writing begin since I was little, i wrote my first poetry at 17.

My Background

I went to Architecture School and got my degrees from Universitas Brawijaya and Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).  I’ve never taken any formal or informal writing studies. I just follow my instinct to write what’s on my mind.


I love movies especially those which have strong dialogues. For me, watching movies is like therapy.

My favorite past

I once a commuter. I need to go out at 05.30 in the morning everyday to not missed the bus or train.

Life Guide
For me, creativity is the moneymaker. Therefore, if you’re not into saving, then you’d better be creative.