About me

Image may contain: 1 person, standingCall me Shofia, Iam an Architecture Academics/Wife and Mom/Amateur Poet/Movie Addict with a passion in writing

My daily activities are lecturing and raising kids. I lecture some subjects in the university. One of them is Kritik Arsitektur (Architecture Critics). That’s why iam a little bit too critical and analytical over everything :)) (I am sorry about that).

My writings here are about everything related to my interests : Movies, Architecture, Parenting, Beauty, Fashion Education, Friendship, Books, Music, Marriage, Food, well yeah there’s nothing particularly except those writings are coming from my point of view. My interest on writing begin since i was a kid and i wrote my first poetry at 17.

My Background

I have varied of background. I went to Architecture School (bachelor and master degree). I graduated from Universitas Brawijaya and continued my study to Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). I took several courses like Guitar, Painting, Building estimating, singing, ┬ájust because i couldn’t control my curiosity. But yes, i ended up mastering nothing. I’ve never taken any formal or informal writing studies. That’s kinda weird since it is the most thing i like to do :))

Movie Journey

Iam obsessed with movies especially those which have strong dialogues, good plot (twisted is my most favorite), arty cinematography, good soundtracks and wonderful visual effects. I spent money too much on them and i am not sorry about that. For me it’s cheaper than mental therapy.

Other hobbies

I love lipsticks, shoes, sometimes sport (the easiest one which won’t kill me), and most of the time.. FOOD!

My favorite past

I once a commuter. I need to go out at 05.30 in the morning everyday to not missed the bus or train.

Life Guide
Money is not everything although it can help you buying stuff. I don’t mind having a little. If i have more, i don’t waste my energy pretending that i don’t. So i will enjoy it as my gratitude to God. At least i don’t go broke and i’ll be fine.

For me, creativity, is the moneymaker. I am not really into saving because I don’t like being stressed out. It’s consuming.

So do everything that can heal you. Body and Soul.