Eco Park Ancol Review: A Child-Friendly Tourism Destination in Jakarta

Are you planning to visit Jakarta with your children and still wonder a proper place to hang out? Here is one of recently renowned tourism destinations which will make your family happy, Eco Park Ancol. This place offers a  different experience during your stay in Jakarta.

Jakarta which known as a “concrete jungle” city, seems to be the place where green space is barely available. However, the statement is not completely true, Eco Park will please your eyes with endless green sceneries and natural views. The thought that one can enjoy natural atmosphere in Jakarta is absolutely promising. So, do not hesitate to visit this place!


Located inside a complex of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Eco Park can be accessed by private or public transportation. If you’re riding private vehicle, you can simply type  “Ancol” on map application on your GPS or smartphone and the map will guide you right away. But if you want to use public transportation, here are the options:

  1. KRL Commuter
  2. Trans Jakarta Bus
  3. Regular Bus

As you reach Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, follow the signage to Fauna Land, Eco Park as the map below

You need to observe the operational hour of Eco Park before you go. So here it is :

Operational Hour

Thursday 06.00–18.00
Friday 06.00–18.00
Saturday 06.00–18.00
Sunday 06.00–18.00
Monday 06.00–18.00
Tuesday 06.00–18.00
Wednesday 06.00–18.00
The ticket cost IDR 80.000/ person (2018)

What to do

Ecopark offers several activities namely, strolling around the Mini Zoo, watching animal show, photographing, and animal feeding. There is also a mini farm where your kids can plant plantations (but i didn’t go there)


So.. here are activities i have experienced in Eco Park, Ancol


  1. Strolling around mini zoo

The zoo has several groups of animals like birds group, cattles, and wild animals.




2. Donkey Feeding

Your kids will be happy to do this activity. They are allowed to feed these cute donkeys with carrots.

3. Photographing

There are a lot of photo spots that you can explore and directly post to your social media.

There are other activities like Cycling, Bird Show Watching, Boating, Farming and Organics shopping in Ecopark Ancol that you can enjoy. All of them are children friendly. Do not hesitate to leave your question if you have something to ask.


Enjoy your stay in Jakarta



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